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Dearest Families,

The Foxhall Square garage will under construction and the building will not be accessible from the second floor of the garage. There will also be fewer spaces available. Please adjust accordingly. We thank you for your patience.

Dr. Agama is accepting new patients.  Prospective patients, please contact the office via email:

For our current patients:

Please use the following link to sign in to the patient portal:

Masks welcomed but not required. We will continue to use them for the protection our patients and staff.


The Team at Foxhall Pediatrics

Taking care of your children's health

Health Plans
We Accept

Take a look through our payment
and insurance information to
be sure that you're in-network.

Well Child Visits:
Birth to Young Adult

We're here to care for your child
from their earliest years until
they're out of the nest.

Your Mind

We have supplied a comprehensive set of resources, including answers to commonly asked questions. 

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