Prenatal Visits

Caring for Your
New Addition

Congratulations!  Choosing a pediatrician is an important part of caring for the newest addition to your family. 

What to expect?

Prenatal visits with your prospective pediatrician are a great opportunity for you to:

  • Get to know your physician and our office culture

    Dr. Sweeney (Wednesdays and Fridays  8:30am)
    Dr. Daniel  (Tuesdays and Fridays 8:30am)


  • Discuss what to expect in the first few days
    with your new baby


  • Ask any questions about office procedures

Please call 202-537-1180 to schedule a prenatal appointment with one of our physicians.  A $50.00 fee will be collected at your appointment.  The fee will applied to your account as a credit if you decide to join our practice.

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